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 Employee Benefits


Employees are paid on the 10th of each month. 

Personal Time Off 

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. offers the opportunity for employees to select from 3 different compensation packages that include 25, 35 or 45 days of paid time off annually. Employees are allowed to carry over up to fifteen (15) days per year. Employees are also able to utilize leave without pay for any unworked days.

Employee Appreciation Days

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. offers two days of paid Employee Appreciation time off annually.  Employees are also able to utilize this at any point throughout the year, for the occasion(s) of their choosing.  Unused Employee Appreciation Time is paid out to the employee at the end of the year.  


SoftTech Solutions, Inc. provides top-notch group healthcare plans for medical, dental and vision insurance. SoftTech Solutions pays 100% of the monthly premiums up to $2,000/month. Employee coverage begins on the start date of employment. If the monthly premium is less than $1000/month then the employee will be paid the difference as a bonus amount quarterly.  Employees who elect not use our healthcare plans are paid a bonus of $3000 per quarter/ $12,000 annually. 

HSA Offering

All of SoftTech's Healthcare plans are Health Savings Account compatible and SoftTech offers employees the opportunity take advantage of triple tax savings through our HSA offering with HealthEquity. Employees can contribute pre-tax contributions directly thru payroll.


SoftTech Solutions, Inc. wants its employees to live comfortably in their retirement. To help achieve that goal, the company will contribute up to 10% of an employee’s earnings into their 401(k) plan. The first 4% of an employee’s contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the company. In addition, SoftTech will contribute 6% of the employee’s earnings regardless of the employee’s contribution amount. All contributions to the plan are immediately vested.

Short/Long Term Disability & Life Insurance

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. provides access to group Short-term and Long-term disability insurance for employees. The short-term disability benefit is 60% of your earning, maximum amount of $1500 weekly. The long-term disability benefit is 60% of your earning, maximum amount of $6000 monthly. Eligibility commences after 30 days of full-time employment.  SoftTech Solutions, Inc. also provides access to group Life Insurance in an amount equal to yearly salary up to $150,000 for all full-time employees. Eligibility commences after 30 days of full-time employment.

Professional Development Funds

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. offers Professional Development funds of $5,250 for approved tuition, educational expenses and business equipment. Unused balances are paid to the employee as a bonus at the start of the following year.

Paid Overhead

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. offers overhead compensation for company meetings, security briefings and other mandatory events. Additionally, SoftTech can accommodate "bench" time when an employee is unable to perform on their contract at the discretion of the management team. 

Additional Paid Time Off

SoftTech Solutions, Inc. offers additional paid time for Jury Duty (16 hours), Maternity/Paternity Leave (16 hours), and Bereavement (24 Hours). 

Employee Referral Bonus

Our employees are our best source of talented cleared professionals; therefore we reward employees with a $15,000 bonus for referring TS/SCI Full-Scope polygraph cleared IT professionals ($3,000 bonus for referring IT professionals).  $5,000 is paid out at 6 months, 1 year and 18 months of the new hires service with SoftTech. 

Employee New Business Booking Bonus

Our employees are an important source of new business opportunities in our market. Therefore, we reward employees with a bonus when acquiring new business. Bonuses are paid as a percentage of the gross value of the new business.

Corporate Gear Allowance

Our employees receive an annual clothing allowance of $250 to spend on STS apparel from approved vendors.

Flex Hours

We realize that 9 to 5 does not fit every lifestyle so we empower our employees to create their own schedule. Employees may work the required direct labor hours over a monthly period and plan their schedule accordingly so long as management and the customer are fully informed and in agreement.

Only Talent

Here at SoftTech Solutions, Inc. we only hire top talent individuals. We value your time, therefore there are no unnecessary annual performance reviews or trainings. We trust you to do great work for our customers, and we take great care of you! 


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